Beyond Light

Beyond light is a game jam project made at the Gacha 2015 with 7 other students.
I took in charge the project/design lead while providing technical solutions for the graphic/design team.
On the last day, I made a short presentation of the game and we won the first prize for the jam!

Theme and Constraints

In addition to the theme, we picked the following constraints:

Given the theme and constraints, we had the idea of an inner journey to wake up after an accident trauma. We used the lack of text to base the narration with sound and imagery and reinforce the "lost in maze" sensation of the gameplay/backstory.

Each player controls a sphere of light (left stick) and a light companion (right stick). If they assemble the two companions, the particles can stick to the walls for a limited time to get a better vision of the path.

Have a look below(Sound recommended) or Download it!