Hi! I'm Ryan, a junior Game
developer/designer and Producer.

Currently working at Amplitude Studios in Paris.
Always considering new opportunities and eager to relocate

Personal Portfolio




Lawn Party

Beyond Light


Among the shapes

After SIG

Money Shot

About Me

I've chosen the game industry because I love to work with creative people, always finding new ways to support them in their dreams.
I like to think of myself of a versatile problem solver, specialised in Project Management and
Technical Game Design, but never afraid of expanding my skillset !
Fast learner and curious, I think that the key of Management & Collaboration is about understanding what people around you do.
Since I've started working, I've experienced different levels in the development pipeline and am eager to look into new challenges, on any level.

As I've grown up in multiple countries in Europe and around the world, and grealty enjoy discovering new cultures.
I'm eager to relocate and sponge on new cultures.

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Contact me on Linkedin or by mail ryanherve (a t) gmail [. com]